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expected under

expected under ordinary circumstances, owing to the differences of local conditions of exposure, &c., bo that it is impossible at first sight to say whether such discordances are simply due to telegraphic errors or to real differences in the phenomena observe Manuscript The system of the receipt of monthly sheets from the stations, report containing the copy of the observations actually taken, enables the Office to exert a considerable check on the accuracy of transmission of the reports, and care is taken that any mean results published by the Office, g., of rainfall, shall be compiled from such manuscript reports, as telegraphic reports are untrustworthy as authority for minute calculations, owing to the fact that such messages, transmitted Tory Burch Outlet in cipher, afford little internal evidence of their correctness or the contrary.In fact, inasmuch as weather telegraphy must be Tory Burch Flats carried on by means of the ordinary telegraphic staff, it is hopeless to expect such accuracy in transmission of the reports as is requisite if the data are to form the basis for precise calculations day by day. We have also the difficulty to encounter, at least at present, that as soon as a serious storm occurs the communication along the lines is very uncertain, if it be not entirely interrupted by the breakage of wireIn the face of facts such as Tory Burch Shoes these, all who have had practical experience of weather telegraphy have long since admitted that such stations are to be placed under a totally different category from those which furnish the information for climatological inquiry.We may now contrast the service of this country in regard of weather telegraphy with those at present existing elsewhere in Europe, excluding from our view the magnificent organization of the United States, whose signal service spends for its own share not far from the total expenditure of the collective governments of Europe on the same object. The cost of the signal service U.A. is upwards of ,, and this does not include any salarieWeather telegraphy depends for its success almost entirely Cost of imon the amount of money which can be devoted to it.

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