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i like dude i play the hell out that whats up with the cookies but the quality on this track is dodo would add to my set as soon as proper mix is add to song i couldnt really hear shit he was saying beside assume the postion and do you like that freaky shit overall i give the song 12-20

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i dont know mybe im lost on some other ish but what would be the purpose of the clean version of this song? yall trying to play assume the postion for some teenagers or something ?

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Yo, I admit it got some explicit lyrics; but it's still jamming!!!! I'mma spin it tonight at this party I'm DJing at tonight. The beat is bananas!!! Homeboy said, "That pudding so thick you gotta eat it with a spoon"....LMAO!....~Hollaback WHOA!~

DJ Slym B. (98.5 The Boxx) -- Slip-N-Slide DJ







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