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An 80’s baby, born in Cleveland, Oh Lebron “Heart Of The Pen” Baker grew up in a home of music lovers. There was always music playing in his home from the day he was born. As he developed his own taste for music early on, it was likely to see the youngster enjoying the likes LL Cool J, Keith Sweat, Sade, New Edition, Slick Rick, and Michael Jackson just to name a few. However, Heart Of The Pen wasn’t just listening to the music, he was dissecting the words.

At a young age, the budding songwriters passion was discovered when he put pen to pad in poetic form. He used poetry to jot down his feelings of his new surroundings, as his family had moved from Cleveland, Ohio and settled in the scenic southern town of Chattanooga, Tn, in hopes of a better life. He wrote his first song at the age of 15 entitled “Let Me Be The One”. While he was developing his songwriting skills, he stayed fast to his true love, poetry. He entered many writing contest in high school, and was admired by many of his peers for his undeniable talent. However, when he came in second at a statewide poetry contest, he vowed to never be second best again.

As life happened, Lebron got away from his love, but as they say “if you truly love something, let it go, and if it comes back….”. While taking some time away from writing to go to college, and make a living, Heart Of The Pen, knew his heart was in words. Both spoken, and sung. He knew he had to stay true to his self, so he began writing again, this time as a professional songwriter. One could hear his heartbeat in his lyrics. All the experiences life had afforded him, the heartbreaks, and blessings all were put to song. Now a married man, and father, Heart still writes from a very personal, believable place. The layered depth in his lyrics makes it so familiar, and relatable. He is multi genre, therefore he makes a masterpiece out of anything, pop, r&b, country, or Hip Hop (hooks).

In January 2009, Heart Of The Pen, formed a songwriting production (which is now a company) called Hits Songwriting Production. He is the key songwriter, with a diverse catalog of pending HITS. He currently teams up with some of the industries well respected, and recognized up and coming producers, and artist.

Heart understands the necessity for building a diverse catalog of songs, but he feels aside from that one of the most important things to build in this industry is rapport, and maintain a noble character. It is that attitude that has taken Heart Of The Pen from a youngster nodding away to the songs of his mentor, R.Kelly, to penning what will someday be your favorite song.

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Hits Songwriting Production - Urban / R&B-Pop, Gospel, R&B Soul-Electronic Press Kits - myPPK Power Press Kits

Lebron "Heart Of The Pen" | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos

Leo Bre featuring Young Bub-Epic Love (Written by Heart Of The Pen-Prod. by Smite.mp3 - 7.8 Mb

Contact: heartofthepen@gmail.com / 423-362-9926

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