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J.Wright Ft. J Rome - Mister Wright

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Contact: bookjwright@gmail.com

Some critics say that real Hip-Hop is being killed by new artist, but there just might be hope for Hip-Hop after all found where most people wouldn't think to look. From time to time the Mid-West has brought to our attention that there is Hip-Hop in places other than the East Coast, West Coast or now days down south. With artist like Kanye West, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Twister, and Nelly the Mid-West has shown talent from it's larger cities like Chicago and St.Louis, but now it just may be Iowa's time to shine. That's right Iowa, and with a up an coming young mogul like J.Wright Iowa might finally be known for more than just it's corn and diary products.

20 year old rapper/producer/song writer/engineer/c.e.o J.Wright hails from Davenport Iowa which is apart of the Quad Cities(4 Cities on the border of Illinois and Iowa). Even though he is still a young man J has been on the scene and ready to blow for a few years now and his new EP "Mister Wright(also the name of the lead single)" just might be what pushes him into the lime light. With a line up of some of the industries hottest artist, good production, and a style that no one has ever attempted J.Wright is sure to be a name that you won't forget.If he can keep creating music like this he is sure to be a house hold name very soon and maybe even a Hip-Hop legend. Who would have ever thought that the future of Hip-Hop would be from the same place that provides our corn, Iowa!




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