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Jesse James

STL rep for these magazines, check it out

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Wuz really good Jesse James :)

We aint from Saint Louis but I think my group and their product speaks for themselves. I'm currently collecting feedback and increasing the awareness for our first group, Da Commission. The boys got that fire

and have bars for days. The two twin brothers were born and raised overseas explaining how to two white european cats can come with the hardest flows I've heard in a minute. These guys really have the potential

to run things in europe in the near future. We do not expect u to front em on the cover of O-Zone but just checking out the material and leaving some feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

thank u

Da Commission: Shljaka & Flow (promo)

promo download: SHLJAKA & FLOW PROMO.rar

cover:shljaka_and_flow_cover copy.jpg

clanak o nama u Slobodnoj: Da Comission: Mi smo najve?a stvar koja se dogodila Hrvatskoj od pobjede Vatrenih '98. (VIDEO) > Slobodna Dalmacija > Spektakli

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