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Good Morning Miss Terry Hertz Greenhitz Mister and Miss and Everyone I'm Sam Pitt Songwriter Sam Pitt for me pleasure to meet you President my name is Sam Pitt I From Schüpfheim canton of Lucerne Switzerland I am a singer-songwriter Iterpreter Post Rock Experimental Music in English. I wanted send my demo and I have a nice Bio I wrote a 80 songs a part I arranged them I write and arrange my songs my friend colleague composes on the PC plays, Producer , the instruments Guitar Bass Studio Zürich etc., our genre Post Rock Experimental Music  I have a beautiful Biography and a beautiful story I wanted to do with the release of the Demo an interview my colleague put my songs in your Platforms love music Everyone which is a that gives me the opportunity to exploit my talent and I have an audience that does not see the now to see news from me Mister can help me in these points indescription 1) Radio contacts 2) Contact Major Big record labels thank you very much  best regards Mates Around the Universe 

MY BIOGRAPHY Sam Pitt was born on 22/06/1989 in Pisa in Italy. At the age of 8 he discovers singing in weddings Sam Pitt from 8 to 10 sings and performs in Weddings of friends Relatives etc already sings in English songs Imagine - John Lennon and other rock songs,solo and school plays, something that comes from within, a passion that by nature carries it to express his emotions with the strength of his voice. As he matures, he understands that his voice needs to be trained and cultivated and then decides to take lessons, starting his own here professional path. Giacomo Jac Salani Studio la Fucina di Empoli is the springboard that launches it in parallel living the studio and live performances in premises of Pisa. Later he meets Lisa kant in Florence, the one who gave birth to the voice of Irene Grandi! Also with her a path that leads him to improve and have more and more awareness of its qualities and L approach to Italian rock that is very close to its strings! Meanwhile, for personal needs, Sam Pitt moves to London and as a free artist, he continues his path also in improvement of the English language! He returned to Italy and continued his studies there under the wings of the master Luigi Guerazzi in Santa Croce sull'arno (Pisa), Sam sees that more and more aware of what is inside going out with local friends Pub humming he sees that the right thing for him and his friends encourage him. At the age of 29, he moved to Switzerland for family reasons in the city of Emmen in the canton of Lucerne always continuing to commit and study singing. During the performances thanks to the Smile apple you perform with level singers such as Jenson Derulo Anne Marie, Baby Rexa. He meets the Orange Circle band who try their hand at songs from a repertoire ranging from classic rock to Heavy Metal, meanwhile Sam Pitt participates in the Deutschland sucht den Superstar singing competition in which he finds a positive opinion from the jury. To date Sam Pitt is in the promotion phase with an eye on the release of his first job! Sam Pitt cotinua with the band Orange Circle to rehearse once a week, one day he contacts a member of another band called Elliot Chambers who were looking for a Hard Rock singer. Sam Pitt studies the text that he has been given to learn despite his skills it is not suitable for Hard Rock, and continues with Orange Circle when they decide to do the First concert that took place in Olten rockmusicinbar 31 August 2019 a bit of tension in the Band since it was the first concert for gold together so many people came to attend from the alder entertaining the public having fun in a professional manner with great success in front of the public. Sam Pitt goes on looking for bars Pubs to be able to perform with the Orange Circle bandages but moving by taking trains for miles and miles, one day Sam Pitt is contacted that he could no longer be part of the Orange Circle band for the simple fact that gold plays more metal that melodic Alternative Rock Pop and therefore ends his Orange Circle experience in a friendly way. Sam Pitt goes on without giving up continuing to write his songs because he pulls out his ace up his sleeve by involving his friend and manager Musician Pietro Delfino and that he was the first person he met in Switzerland to release the gold first. single 30 YO Figure Out that put on all platforms such as Spotify Apple Music etc. and a start of a career. The fact is that Sam Pitt's determination involves his friend making an Album, Sam Pitt continues to throw himself into the local fray bars Restaurants performing around lucerne Ergiswil singing Ninvaldo Bar Gardist Restaurants, Places a little more difficult for chaos and Jame session Madelaine meeting blues musicians who do him a great job compliments for singing Guns Rosis Well, Sam Pitt has a clear idea amidst difficulties he discovers he has a particular timbre when he goes to record the Demo in the Studio in Zurich that pushes his friend and colleague peter to shorten the times given the qualities of both Sam Pitt performs at the Sopranos in lucerne with great results working on his voice Demo with his output Sam Pitt continues to write arranging his songs at the tip who decides to look for the radio starting from Switzerland and around the world to send his songs he invites the Demo working hard 24 hours a day with commitment and professionalism looking for o friend and colleague Pietro a cover photo, who can find it very beautiful relevant to the songs. Sam Pitt despite the economic difficulties is committed with a lot of passion to his ever closer goal. At the tips that Friday 27 March 2020 Sam Pitt brings out the Demo with his Band Mates and the album is called Around The Universe with joy and sacrifice and love for Music he brings out his Music Sam Pitt. At this point Sam Pitt and Peter Delfino put themselves under for the release of the album the songs are decisive and beautiful Rock thanks to the commitment and dedication of Sam Pitt Peter Delfino, Sam makes contacts with people finding positive reviews also from artists too Peter. One day in mid-June 2020 Sam Pitt receives an invitation from the Staff Open Mic of Wollishofen in Zürich and on June 26th he performs bringing a New Talent, finding good Rock Music behind the scenes to the point Sam Pitt and Peter Delfino get under way contacts meet important people, Sam Pitt has become a nice international audience that follows him and cares about him Sam, Peter and the Mates continue to work for the release of the album to make new important contacts for the start of their career. Sam Pitt continues studying the Chittarra every day and working on the voice and making contacts, even his colleague Peter Delfino continues to make contacts and find them the fact is that for the album he has already contacted his label to make gold do everything without going around a lot but making contacts. Sam Pitt also makes interesting contacts in New York in the USA Peter Delfino where he works finds a Menager who Organizes Events and agrees to collaborate with the Mates, Sam Pitt starts attending a language school in Lucerne which organizes a thank you for the people who pay the Room rental and Sam Pitt is invited to Play Singing in a beautiful house with a garden present 20 people. Sam Pitt performs with his music that makes a great impression that one of the audience calls him Blues and Sam Pitt makes a contact with a girl who teaches music Zurich and Sam Pitt made a great performance. Sam Pitt continues to make contacts and to be invited Open Mic Summer Special Wollishofen Zürich Switzerland one more time but the weather too rainy to perform has been canceled but Sam Pitt does not give up working on the album practicing with the voice and guitar. Sam Pitt continues to make contacts USA Norway Sweden and Switzerland etc. and to find contacts to the point that he throws himself into the Jam the first of September 2020 to gain more experience and to meet people at Gleis21 Dietikon Zurich making himself known, the owner likes Sam's voice too the Artists Present leaving a great impression Sam satisfied, the day after Peter Delfino Mates Around the Universe contacts Sam Pitt to talk about the album and shorten times by relying on Vastor Records Label Di Peter Delfino there is a team that wants to help us for the album release etc.Mates continue to work hard for new tracks for the album end February 2021 are contacts to participate Super Talents in Germany UFA SHOW & Factual GmbH but focus to do the Album since they are under production must focus.Mates continues to work on their production album while the demo continues to turn Radio Milton Keynes UK Krac Montréal Canada in the Spotify Playlist and Radio Sam Scotland for an Interview Mates continue to receive useful contacts for their career. right now alongside Vastor Record production they continue to work on new tracks.

The Mates continue to make radio radio in the USA to organize to make concert evenings, they are working on the music album together with the Vastor Records met 26 May 2021 to define Training tracks in Zurich.Mates continue to work in the studio in Zurich for the album in definition you meet June 22 times to define the whole concentrated. Mates and Vasto Records work the Production phase in view of the release of the album and are in In studio in Zurich to record July and also make video clips they study they work hard making contacts and find themselves feeling for the cover and to find themselves in Zurich for Recording of the album The Mates in the studio.on August 5, 2021 Sam Pitt and the Mates finds himself in the studio more and more this time for the final recording of the Post Rock Experimental Music album with his Band in Zurich, with Bass Guitar Executive Producer and Dj Peter Delfino up to pre-production now really missing shortly before the release of their Album Music .Mates continue shooting on Radio USA UK Radio Indie Star Radio New York California Chicago other parts USA UK, with Figure Out, Love Enough, She took me away


My Social Media Pages Channels Video obviously you can find me on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Youtube, Tik Tok, Shazam, you can find me on all platforms etc. etc.

  Instagram: sam_pitt_777

  Facebook: Sam Pitt

  Youtube: Sam Pitt






  Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjA8mtE9Y4-dGtM06HYZwdw

  Vk: Sammy Pitt

  Twitter: Sam Pitt @ SamPitt15

 Tik Tok : https://vm.tiktok.com/Jj6huBh/

 SnapChat: sam_pitt2021

Pinterest: Sampitt @sampitt77777

Web site : https://www.linkedin.com/in/sam-pitt-aa87b2215















































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