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A$AP Rocky to Return to Sweden for Show

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A$AP Rocky is heading back to Sweden.

After his high-profile Swedish assault case, the “Babushka Boi” is scheduled to return to Stockholm on Dec. 11 for a show at the Ericsson Globe that will include other Swedish artists.

Live Nation announced the performance on Friday. “After tremendous support from the Swedish fans, he returns to Stockholm for a long-awaited gig for all his supporters,” read a statement from the tour promoter.

Rocky was taken into custody on July 2 after he was arrested in Stockholm following a street brawl. One month later, he was released from a Swedish detention center following a high-profile trial that captured worldwide attention, with Kim Kardashian-West, Justin Bieber, and President Trump calling on Swedish authorities to release the rapper.

A Swedish court found Rocky guilty of assault. The Harlem rapper was handed a suspended sentence and ordered to pay damages to the victim despite video showing the 19-year-old man antagonizing his crew.

The Swedish prosecutor who worked on the case tells TMZ that there are no restrictions on A$AP related to the assault conviction. “He can return to Sweden for his gig and won’t be arrested unless he commits another crime,” says the prosecutor.

Rocky had previously vowed to never return to Sweden, so it’s unclear what made him decide to go back so soon.

Tickets for his Stockholm show go on sale Nov. 12.

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