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Kevin Gates Says He Would Be Dead Or In Jail If It Wasn’t For Music

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Recently Kevin Gates sat down with Billboard and discussed a wide range of topics, starting with his new album “Im Him”, his upcoming tour and more. Gates then got deep during the interview and discussed where he would be if it wasnt for music. Here’s what he had to say below….

“If I wasn’t making music, I’d either be dead or in jail right now,” he continued. “I’d be doing a life sentence or I’d be dead. And I accept those things, because I just want my family and the people that I love to be OK. I accept it. My life is a sacrifice, I don’t even care. It’s for the people that I love, it’s not for me.”

He concluded by adding, “I can honestly say that music, almighty God and what I’m doing with the music and the people He put in my life has saved my life and allows me to touch other people.”

After getting the thought off his chest, Gates repeated his disbelief over disclosing that type of intimate, poignant thought in such a public setting. The reflection on his life comes about a year after the rapper finished up a 30-month prison sentence stemming from a 2013 gun charge. The jail time led to two EPs, Chained to the City and Only Generals the Gon Understand.

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