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It's H.B. On The BEEEAAAT!

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What up I'm H.B. I produce damn near anything u can think of including Beats w/ Hooks/Club Bangers/Rap/Trap/Pop/R&B/Down South.. Only thing i dont do is that New York sampled crap.. I prefer to make my own music :cool:.. Leases $15.. got package deals available.. Exclusive Rights from $30-100 it depends on the beat.. www.soundclick.com/hueybaker or www.myspace.com/beatsbyhb ..i got free snippets for promo use on my soundclick page.. Here's how i feel about ppl comin at me for free beats.. unless ur major or a big time known independent.. dont ask for it for free cuz it's disrespectful cuz thats like sayin my 2+ hours that i put in isnt worth anything at all.. and if thats the case then y do u want it?.. and if u feel ur above me then y would u bring urself down a level if u think u should work with someone better?.. i think sometimes when ppl dont wanna spend the money its because they dont believe in themselves enough to invest money in their craft like they dont feel they can make it back.. y should u get paid but not me if we're both involved in the track?.. thats just how i feel about it.. I'd like to get some other comments on that.. im open minded.. thanks!

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