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M-Deuce Ft. Wanz - Unite @MDeuce206 @JamesGregoryJr

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M-Deuce is a vibrant hip-hop artist out of Seattle, Washington. The team of producer, James Gregory Jr, & Songwriter M-Deuce (Miciah Massey), have been doing music together since 2007, but have been friends since the age of 7. Their music has touched many people from all lifestyles, because of its versatility. Many people who have claimed to not like "rap" have become some of their biggest fans! Their music is filled with catchy hooks, unique & substance filled verses, and great production! It has a deep mind-state appeal, while staying in touch with the streets. Nobody gets a crowd moving like M-Deuce, who is known for club bangers and crowd swaying anthems like, "Heartbreak Season" featuring Young Twinn, and ,"Dance Floor," Featuring Bizzy Bone, from the Grammy award winning group, "Bone Thugs N' Harmony." Another town favorite is, "Game Time" a song which was made to promote the come back of the Seattle Supersonics (all songs avail. on itunes & amazon). With premium production from James Gregory Jr, and soul searching lyrics by M-Deuce, their songs and videos such as, "My #1 Fan" ( a special song M-Deuce wrote for his mother), & "Let Me Live" (an anti-bullying song), have gotten global recognition. M-Deuce and James have created music for people from all walks of life, and have remained true to themselves. With their freshman album "Grown Man Grown Game" released on itunes and amazon (along with several other singles), there is plenty of music available for download. M-Deuce decided on becoming a solo artist in 2007 (upon re-uniting with James Gregory Jr). With their fan base being the MOST important thing to their team, be sure to leave your contact info, so you can be updated and stay in touch with Loony Productions Presents M-Deuce & their partners Imbullyfree.org.

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