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Once I was introduced to Mixcraft’s Software in 5th grade, there was only one thing that would be implanted in my brain from that point on... I’m going to be a Recording Artist. I began with vocals and simple instrumentals like : tracks from the old Hot Boyz , Ludacris , and Old school rappers like UGK’s Bun B. My genre used to be one streamed(hip-hop). As I grasped the better ear to Music and to different sounds, the enticement became super strong. Something started telling me , Hymn after Hymn, to make my own forever for others and myself. Now I have 2 Albums on iTunes and Spotify along with a hit Single, and 3 mixtapes. I am thankful for where I stand in the music industry and would love to expand. Here’s where you can help me. See, without fans, the music wouldn’t have anyone but God(though that is all we need). It would be an honor to have my music distributed around the world to fans. I for sure know they’ll love where my music takes them and where it’s coming from.

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Send 2 radio drops (listen  to attached) & your best 3 mp3s from the project, a short bio and best direct contact # for live on air interview via The DJ BIN to:
franzthehybrid1@gmail.com -

Drop 1. "You're listening to the hottest  New show on the planet The DJ BIN hosted by Nerve DJs Fronz The Hybrid 1 and Yung Fallen Angel
WPIR 98.4 FM The Godzilla Station (put your tag here or at the beginning>
Drop 2. Turn Up with Nerve DJ Fronz The Hybrid 1 'All Thingz Hybrid Real Rap Radio
Breaking your tracks Not your stacks on WPIR 98.4 FM The Godzilla Station
(put your tag here or at front)

The DJ BIN airs every Monday 8 PM till 10 PM EST. with Metal 2 Music/Lust Cov3nant Records CEO and Nerve DJ Franz The Hybrid One @FranzTheHybrid1
 also Closet Music Entertainment's CEO & co-host Yung Fallen Angel @YungFA21!  
WPIR 98.4 FM Home Page: http://bit.ly/2AwEk9B-FranzTheHybrid1on984FM
WPIR 98.4FM LIVE Stream app now on Google Play Store, iTunes, Blackbesrry Stores: http://bit.ly/2zs9xWY_984FMLiveStreamAndroidApp
iTunes Podcast: http://bit.ly/2AbKUPI_98_4FMApplePodcast
Now on Spreaker: http://bit.ly/2AvID4LRealRapRadioShow
WPIR 98. 4Fm's show ♫ on iHeartRadio: http://bit.ly/2zohoFa-TheDJBin_AllThingzHybridRadio
On GooglePlay Music: http://bit.ly/2BPndxb-TheDJBIN_ON_GooglePlay

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