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"A-Minus is a positive force in music in Akron and around our listening area. His message of peace, unity and positivity resonates loudly and could not be more welcome than it is today! He is a great community figure and activist, and is involved in every event and local cause you can think of! He is a role model for kids, and a reminder of what we can accomplish if we think of the larger picture and community rather than just ourselves! Our radio station is an Adult Alternative format centered on rock and indie music, and A-Minus is the first hip-hop artist that has ever been added to our official, regular rotation. Are you feeling it? Are you from the Alien Nation? 91.3 The Summit recommends A-Minus for radio airplay and wishes him well as his career grows to the next level!"

Follow @DISTANTLIFE on twitter!

Instagram: @DISTANTLIFE330
Facebook: @A-MINUS

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