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Rickey Jones - Leave Me Alone @RickeyRJones

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Good music is made to inspire. Not only does it entertain, but this universal language of sound encourages, uplifts and enlightens us all. Be it gospel or blues, R&B or rap, pop or alternative, good music crosses all manmade barriers to touch deep within our soul and tap into our innermost emotions.

Louisiana rapper Rickey Jones makes that kind of soul-stirring music. On his blistering new F.A.M.O.U.S. Entertainment-released single “Leave Me Alone,” this witty wordsmith bridges much-needed social commentary with a captivating delivery and driving, hard-hitting production. And with the upcoming release of his highly anticipated EP Leave Me Alone, Mr. Jones is well on his way to setting off a musical revolution.

“Music is a powerful tool. A lot of rap music is hot music, but there is too much of the wrong things invested into it and I think I can change that,” Jones explains. “I’m not the hottest rapper, but I got a message that I can deliver just like the preacher. You can go to church and hear the word for inner deliverance, but there's an unspoken word in the street with a greater and much needy congregation.”

Born in the sleepy town of White Castle, LA and raised in the neighboring town of Napoleonville (about an hour South of Baton Rouge), Rickey was brought up in a house of music and spirituality. His mother sang gospel locally and his father was a deliverer of prayer. And early on, young Rickey expressed himself through pages of pages of his poems.

As a tween, he first explored music as a part of an all-boys singing group. Patterning themselves after R&B super group New Edition, they made a name for themselves performing throughout the city at birthday parties, talent showcases, and other social gatherings.

“Music has always been a part of my life,” Rickey admits. “With my momma being a singer, I get my musicianship from her and I inherited the ability to deliver a message from my father. So with my music, I’m a mixture of both of them.”

Rickey put aside his musical aspirations by the time he hit high school. While he was constantly penning his poetry in his free time, the youngster made a few bad decisions that ended with him being with armed robbery.

“I can’t say that I was following the wrong crowd because I was just as much a part of that wrong crowd,” he admits. “I didn’t pull an armed robbery, but in a court of law, if you’re charged with something, you got to ride with it until further notice.”

Eventually, he was cleared of the charges and used that life lesson as motivation to attend Southern University in Baton Rouge and major in criminal justice.

“I left Napoleonville because it was too much of a melting pot for trouble,” he admits.

After a few years of college, however, Rickey decided to explore other prospects in life. He returned to his native Napoleonville and the inevitable happened. He landed into trouble and caught a felony conviction for aggravated battery.

“That changed the tune of what I needed to do in life,” he points out, “because having a felony conviction on your record, you miss out on a lot of opportunities... I had to change that about myself because I don’t like going down the wrong path, especially if I can help it.”

It was during this same time that a friend of his got wind of his poetry and suggested that Rick put his poems to music. Taking the friend’s advice, Rick wrote a few rhymes here and there and gradually started making whole rap songs.

Knowing that he needed more exposure to pursue a career in entertainment, he moved to Dallas to attend KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts to study acting and record his music. In no time, he found a studio and went to work.

“I was scared because some guys used to go in there before me and they were hot and I’m there with my stuff and it wasn’t so hot,” he discloses. “I figured out right then and there that either I was going to do it right or not do it at all. And not doing it at all was not an option.”

Over the next few years, he perfected his musical craft to near-flawless precision. He graduated with a degree in motion picture production and steadily built a small but growing fan base with soul-savvy singles “Lately” featuring Adam W. Thomas, “Love or Hate”, and “Some Place Some Where” featuring Amanda Thomas.

And he is keeping the fans fed with his blistering new single “Leave Me Alone” and the upcoming release of his highly anticipated EP Leave Me Alone.

“I use my personal life to speak to people and put something on your mind,” Rickey Jones contends. I make music that you can pop in your deck now or five or 10 years later and it’s still going to sound relevant.” 

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