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Toofpick Will - Hit The Gas @followToofpick

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Born to humble beginnings in San Antonio, Texas, Toofpick Will knows all too well how to overcome obstacles in life. Born to a single mother of five children,Will had to survive poverty and homelessness. Later in life Toofpick found these experiences made him determined to make a way for himself and his family. As a way to mentally escape, Toofpick began rapping at the young age of 14. He was given the name Toofpick due to his lanky figure and because, he was always seen with a toothpick in his mouth.

Inspired by hip hop artists such as Tupac, Big L, and Chamillionare, Toofpick knew that music was his calling. He was focused on using music as a way to prove his naysayers wrong, and as a way out of poverty.  Toofpick is dedicated to bringing rawness and authenticity back to today’s hip hop world. He states, “I have endured the lures and politics of today’s rap industry, which exploits the use of gimmicks as well as fake street images and names to sell records and obliterate the essence of what a true emcee really is.”

This is only the beginning for Toofpick Will. With his candid vulnerability, smooth lyrical flow, and a dynamic stage presence, Toofpick proves that he can go against the best in today’s hip hop arena and come out triumphant. "Toofpick Will is the voice of hip hop’s generation next." Z. staff writer at Going South Magazine www.goingsouthmagazine.com

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