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Haze Brown - SpaceCataz @HazeBrownEMB

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Haze Brown, also known as The-Emcee-with-the-Mouth, reigns from Northern New Jersey, where he began to flex his musical talents at 16 by trying his hand at Hip Hop after being encouraged by his high school peer J. Sweetz, whom he has rhymed with ever since. Haze begun to explore different genres of music and studied different types of artists and backgrounds whom created masterpieces with music. Influenced by a variety of artists such as; Outkast, Redman, KRS One, Alanis Morrisett, Queen, Whitney Houston, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, and Prince just to name a few, along with his love of Hip-hop, Rock, Pop, and R&B, molded Haze Brown into the lyricist he is today.

     Haze's huge love for cinema also shows in every bit of Haze Brown's musical creativity, as he shows a wide variety of pop culture love and comic book awareness that would make Jack Kirby jump for joy in many rhymes he creates. Along with Haze's versatility with rhyming on any subject, this melting pot of creativity sparked a Hip Hop Renaissance in Haze Brown which inspired his musical catalog over the years.

 Space and time no longer exists' as you float through a cloudy wonderland of bliss. SpaceCataz takes you on a intergalactic trip through the galaxy while coasting on the melodic sounds from iLL Cosby, elevating your smoking session to the next level! Even non smokers will be able to take a ride with me through the stars on SpaceCataz. Paris LaFrenchie is my co pilot on this interstellar journey in audio form, so sit back, roll up a nice one and enjoy SpaceCataz! 

Follow @HazeBrownEMB on twitter!

Instagram: @realhazebrown

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