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Novi Tide - How Do You Feel @tidenovi

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Novi Tide was raised in Ardmore, Oklahoma a.k.a. "Shady Five-80." He survived a very difficult and unpredictable childhood jumping from foster home to foster home; which separated him from his brothers, mother and father. During his time of living in a foster home Novi was put in a pot of scalding hot water by a foster parent at the age 3, and was on the whelm of losing his life, but by the grace of God he made it through. After being hospitalized for several months, Novi was united with his real family but that wouldn't be the last time he would see a foster home. Due to the lack of family, structure, and given love Novi found comfort in the streets with the OG gang members. He began to live a fast life of gang violence, drugs, and sex. Through spiritual guidance, grind, and determination Novi has found a way to conquer all of these obstacles and produce a fruitful, living message to help inspire others that may be facing similar circumstances. 

Novi first realized his love for music as a youngster, listening to artist like NATE DOGG, UGK, E40, Z-RO, TRAE, ANDRE 3000, tons of R&B and most local artists and other down south rappers and singers. Novi was brought up singing in a church choir, so music has always fueled his soul. Making beats became a hobby of his, which evolved into his profession. Novi grinds hard to realize his goals and the potential of his greatness. His goal is to perform at a top flight industry standard. Once you experience his music, you feel how Novi liquefied the intensity of his pain and obstacles into the octane that fuels his energy in the music he creates. Over the past few years, Novi music career has steadily escalated. In addition to his musical and lyrical talents, Novi is a real, down to earth, humble spirit that people love to be around. The tough circumstances and experiences described in his music has molded him into a loving father to his very own baby girl. The tough circumstances and experiences described in his music is also what makes him a loving father to his baby girl, and fuels him to be the best he can be at whatever he decides to pursue.

Novi has performed in various shows and locations including: 2Throwd Birthday Memorial Bash, Mango's Studio to the Stage Artist Showcase, Urban Roots, DaGr8FM, Power 103.5 Hip-Hop Cypher, the Lions Den, and Kirko Bangs at Smitty's House of Music. In addition, he has built a very strong arsenal of music that includes R&B, EDM and Hip-Hop tracks, as well as an additional 60 original beats he has produced. Anywhere this 28 year old young man goes people are mesmerized by his talent. It's only a matter of time before the whole world gets to experience the phenomenal music that Novi Tide delivers.

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