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Kayda & Radio3000 - Your Call @Radio3000 @Sizez3ro

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Malaysian rapper/singer Kayda Aziz collaborates with the California kid RADIO3000 on their break out smash single "Your Call". The song is a modern day boy meets girl scenario with smooth vocals by Kayda, and catchy lyrics by RADIO. Your Call" brings two people from two different worlds together on a flirtatious rollercoaster ride. 

RADIO and Kayda met at a World Cup event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After sharing a mutual respect for each other's music, the two went to the studio and created "Your Call". Their campaign titled #Roadtoyourcall takes you on a journey from the creation of the song, creating a plan, trials and tribulations of chasing their dream, to dreams coming true with signing a major distribution deal with Sony Music. Together the rising stars have come up with a very cool unity between two very different cultures, through the power of music. 

Without a doubt "Your Call" has a very contagious sound that will have you wanting to press reply. A fresh new international vibe mixed with a urban appeal. The hottest new song of 2017 is none other then Kayda & Radio3000's "Your Call"

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