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King Baines - Do It To The Buick @kingbainesmusic

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Jonathan "King" Baines was born December 14th at University Hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana. The eldest of two siblings, he developed a love for entertainment shortly before his love for music. Baines began to write popular songs from radio shows and perform them like his very own for his peers on breaks between classes at school. During this same time, "King" Baines was being celebrated for creative writing skills, receiving nationally distributed awards and publications as a sixth grader. Later Baines would learn to merge his creative writing ability and his edge for performance, under the tutelage of a local artist for which his mom sang background lyrics. Criminal activity was so prominent in the immediate surroundings, it eventually became a way of living for  Baines and most of his family. After watching his uncle receive a 15 year prison sentence, losing friends to gun violence, and serving a couple lengthy prison stays of his own, "King" returned to the recurring passion, making a name for himself on the underground scene by blowing through opposition in numerous prestigious freestyle battles. Not only does Jonathan "King" Baines bless us with the soulful out-cries muffled in the heart of "the hood" but he also heads up the "Own Your Community" Foundation to re-structure the appearance of local urban neighborhoods. Minus a few curse words that only speak to his passion for his message, "King" Baines is a breath of fresh air for the game now plagued with violence and drug usage, certainly a piece of the puzzle to return hip hop to its original artistic culture.

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