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DJ Set It Off And DJ Simon Sez Present: Tupac – Dungeon Immortal The Thug Below (10 Year Anniversary Mixtape)

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01. Dear Mama [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
02. Never Be Peace (Feat. Outlawz) [DJ Set It Off Blend]
03. Me Against The World [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
04. Happy Home (Feat. Mary J Blige) [DJ Set It Off Blend]
05. Lie To Kick It (Feat. Richie Rich) [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
06. Komradz (Feat. Outlawz & Big Syke) [DJ Set It Off Blend]
07. Hootie Hoo [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
08. Only Fear of Death [DJ Set It Off Blend]
09. Do 4 Luv [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
10. EDI Speaks
11. The Struggle Continues [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
12. Khujo Goodie Speaks
13. Thug For Life [DJ Set It Off Blend]
14. Still Ballin (Feat Kurupt) [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
15. Fake Ass Bitches [DJ Set it Off Blend]
16. Thug Style [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
17. Thug N U Thug N Me (Feat. Jodeci) [DJ Set It Off Blend]
18. Let Them Thangs Go [DJ Set It Off Blend]
19. Mr DJ Speaks
20. Never Call You Bitch Again [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
21. This Life I Lead [DJ Set It Off Blend]
22. Aquemini [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
23. My Block [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
24. When We Ride On Our Enemies [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
25. Fuck Em All [DJ Set It Off Blend]
26. Still I Rise [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
27. Hold On Be Strong [DJ Set It Off Blend]
28. Millenium [DJ Set It Off Blend]
29. Deadly South [DJ Set It Off Blend]
30. Ghetto-Ology [DJ Set It Off Blend]
31. Untouchable [DJ Set It Off Blend]
32. Baby Dont Cry (In My Lap) [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
33. The Art of Change 
34. The Art of Pain [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
35. What U Gonna Do [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
36. Troublesome ’16 [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
37. How Do You Want It [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
38. AmbitionzOfaRydaMuzik [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
39. Prototype Getaway [DJ Simon Sez Blend]


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