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T.B.C. Ft. Fat Pimp - Mus B Gettin' Money (Produced By Sleepa)

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Texas Boy Coalition

Arlington & Fort Worth, Texas

June 17, 2009

Hailing from the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex, the Texas Boy Coalition plans to make major international moves in the industry bringing forth their self-proclaimed style of lyricism and energy to the microphone to move audiences:

The 21 year old rapper Sylvester Clayton,best known as Hollywood Jack or Big Pete, began his rapping career at the lunch tables of Crowley Middle School, where he freestyled for fun with some of his fellow classmates everyday at lunch. Students immediately noticed the skill Clayton possessed and told him to stick with it. Hearing the praise that fellow students gave Clayton gave him more and more confidence and made him want to perfect his new found craft. In 2004, Hollywood Jack met Ryan Lomas, best known as Young Sleepa. "He (Sylvester) was always rapping and writing raps in class so it made me want to start" said Lomas. Lomas and Clayton began writing raps everyday together in their Science and Psychology classes and one day decided it was time to finally lay the vocals down. "We laid a bunch of songs down on a cheap recording program called Audacity to start to grow as rappers" said Clayton. Lomas and Clayton would get lots of compliments of how good their raps were and this gave them great confidence to continue to push today. The duo would go on to call themselves the Texas Boy Coalition. The sound that they bring to crowds is a unique, unmatched sound of self-proclaimed lyrical energy. The Texas Boy Coalition can be found on plenty of mixtapes in the DFW area such as Tha Takeova mixtape, From tha Agg To tha Funk mixtape, Lyrical Kingz mixtape, 8 dayz mixtape, Ozone Awards mixtape and Block Muzik 3 mixtape. The duo is very focused and ready to emerge as one of the biggest groups the world has seen....


T.B.C. ft. Fat Pimp - Mus B Gettin Money (DIRTY)

T.B.C. ft. Fat Pimp - Mus B Gettin Money (CLEAN)

T.B.C. ft. Fat Pimp - Mus B Gettin Money (INSTRUMENTAL)

T.B.C. ft. Fat Pimp - Mus B Gettin Money (ACAPELLA)

T.B.C. on MySpace

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