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Valentino Flats she did forgo the

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Blake Lively Red Valentino Tote attended ComicCon in San Diego this weekend. The actress was promoting her upcoming movie, Green Lantern, with Ryan Reynolds. She wore an outfit by Preen for the occasion and it would be safe to say that her chest was the focal point of her ensemble. The white band on her top sat very low on her upper body. While that part of her was much exposed, Valentino Flats she did forgo the short skirts she favors for loose black pants with rolled cuffs. She cinched her waist with a black belt and accessorized with a stack of cuffs and green earrings.

Looking at the outfit on the runway, and on Blake, side by side, shows how the same outfit can look very different Valentino Sneakers Sale depending on the wearer. While the model looks Valentino Clutch Bags dark and edgy, Blake gives off a slightly, 80s soap operavillain vibe.

Scarlett Johansson was also at ComicCon as part of the cast for Joss Whedons, The Avengers. Mrs. Ryan Reynolds was channeling her Natasha Romanoff Valentino Rockstud Sandals character in, Iron Man 2, in an allblack suit by Dolce and Gabbana. However, even the sexy corset under her jacket and her shorter haircut couldnt inject Valentino Slingbacks more life into her outfit.

Showing shes not afraid of shiny things, Eva Mendes wore Vivienne Westwood Gold Label. The strapless, kneelength dress was smartly constructed as Valentino Rockstud Pumps Sale it seemed to Valentino Shoulder Bags Sale push up and pull in Evas figure in all the right places. Her pulled back hair and minimal accessories were a fitting complement to an already glittery outfit..




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