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Busting Tips Learned From Celebrity Meltdowns I was recently asked to comment on Valentino Shoes Sale the topic of stress relief for an article about celebrity breakdowns. It got me thinking about what we can learn from the celebs' alltoopublic reactions to stress.

Here are three tips that will help you (and any celebrity friends you many have) to reduce your stress levels. There are headspinning demands on celebrities. They're always o  the go with intense time pressures, huge expectations, and they still have to perform!

Of course, you're no different. You're balancing your work and home life, plus everything else that comes your way bills, conflicts, emergencies and everything in between.

There really are ways to cope with huge demands and time pressures. one of the best tools in your stress toolkit is to learn to say 'no' when you should. If it http://www.valentinorockstudsale.com/ isn't a priority, or if it means that you're going to be overscheduled, say 'no'.

2. Stress doesn't happen overnight. When you hear about musicians losing their voice during their big concert tour, there's a reason for it. When you hear about an actor getting sick during their lengthy movie shoot, there's a reason for it.

If you're pushing yourself too hard and you're losing sleep, getting sick, or are simply exhausted, then you're already experiencing symptoms of stress and you need to take action now. Don't wait until you have a huge meltdown and then blame stress after the fact.


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