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Chief Keef – Bang 3 Part 2 [Cover Art + Track List]

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Pee Pee’d. Tree Tree. Charge My Car. These might be some things you casually do on the daily, but they’re also fantastic song titles from Chief Keef’s new album, Bang 3 Part 2, which drops today. At least it’s scheduled to drop today. So while we wait for it to fully upload to iTunes, Spotify and other fine digital retailers; we can check out the official cover art and track list.

Lil B is the sole feature here. So based.

1. Pee Pee’d
2. Wit It
3. Bouncin’
4. Charge My Car
5. Get That Sack
6. Irri f/ Lil B
7. Racist
8. Gloin’
9. That Night
10 It’s More
11. OG Fiji
12. Tree Tree

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