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FSD Feature: Artist Spotlight – The Boy Illinois

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Words by Clynt Johnson (@BornRaisedChi)

FSD recently caught up with one of our favorite artists, The Boy Illinois, who has been making some of the best music that you may or may not have been sleeping on over the last couple years. His sound, style and unique outlook on life, politics and the game make him easily one of Chicago’s next big draft picks and one to constantly watch.

Illi has been working closely with director/producer DGainz on his upcoming album, DuSable,  which will feature an impressive roster of friends and artists including: Twista, Trae The Truth, Prolyfic and Stalley. DuSable is expected to drop this summer and will be executive produced by DGainz and presented by FSD. So it’s only right that we chopped it up with Illi in this dope Artist Spotlight you can now read below.


FSD: Why not Illinois The Boy? 

The Boy Illinois: It actually use to be Illinois Gordon, I changed it after a freestyle I did saying “The Boy Illinois.”

FSD: Describe your style in one word?

The Boy Illinois: Class.

FSD: What makes you so passionate about music?

The Boy Illinois: I was born into music. My father is a musician and pianist and so is my sister. I grew up in the church singing lead in the choir until I hit puberty. Then the turning point was in 5th grade when I first heard “Make Em Say Ugh” I fell in love with the genre forever.

FSD: Was Annie ever okay after being hit by a smooth criminal? 

The Boy Illinois: I’m sure she was, as opposed to being hit by a rough criminal.

FSD: Who are some people who kept pushing you to do music?

The Boy Illinois: My brother Andre Jelks, RIP. Since 6th grade he was always my biggest hype man, even when I wasn’t around. We lost him about four years ago. After his passing there was a time when I thought about giving up. I was doing the dishes one day and cut open the thumb on my writing hand. I knew it was him. I couldn’t hold a pen or pencil for about a week. That was my sign to never let my talent go to waste.

FSD: When was the first time you knew that music was what you wanted to do?

The Boy Illinois: A Shaq commercial from like the early 90s. I rewrote the rap from the commercial and the rest is history.

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