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New Project: Supa Bwe – DEAD AGAIN PT 2

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A few nights ago, Supa Bwe released the first part of his DEAD AGAIN EP series. A series that didn’t set out to be a series, but happened because Supa tragically lost ALL of his recorded music last weekend when one of his hard drives was fried.

Not one to take the bad news sitting down, Supa went right back into the lab and began writing and recording music again. Like a boss. Like a trooper. Like someone with something to prove. What good is sitting around butthurt gonna do ya? It’s not. You gotta get up, get out and get something. Period.

Anyhoo, here’s some additional info:

As you already probably know, Hurt’s storage of music files are gone, but you probably also know Supa’s not going to take a break. Two out of three of the songs were created in the past 24-hours, while 
 was supposed to be a 15-minute song, but due to files being lost, it was reduced to
. Enjoy the new tunes… I heard 
 is planning 6 parts to the 
Dead Again EP

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