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Jermaine Dupri Launches “4 Lanes” Iphone Game by PAUL MEARA

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Jermaine Dupri announces the release of a new gaming app now available for iPhone download.

Hip Hop artists and label heads have been turning to technology recently to procure a new source of income.

Jay Z turned to Tidal and now, Jermaine Dupri is turning to his own app. Instead of it being a solely music based platform, JD decided to be behind the creation of a phone game.

Titled 4 Lanes, Dupri’s latest out-of-music endeavor allows those who download the iOS app to escape from police while collecting bags of money.

“Since day one, I’ve been focused on doing things that would put me in my own lane,” JD said in a press release prefacing the phone app. “4 Lanes puts me in front of my peers in the gaming world and marries two of my passions: music and technology.”

JD told HipHopDX exclusively that he even enjoys his new app and says he encourages players to let everyone know what their high scores are.

“I’ve had a great response from the players since releasing ’4 Lanes’,” JD said. “The best part of the release has been the battle over the leader board. It’s not an easy game so when you get a high score you want to brag about it. I’m nice. I was on top of the leader board until last night, so I’m encouraging everyone to Tweet their high scores to me and post them on Instagram. It’s getting competitive.”

The game is currently only for iPhone. Plans for an Android version have not yet been announced.

Jermaine Dupri has a long history in marrying music and gaming. In 1999, he produced the intro for Madden 2000, a song featuring a then unsigned Ludacris.

In 2010, Dupri founded Global14.com, an online music community.

JD is also working on his forthcoming EP, The Dark Recesses Of My Imagination.

Download 4 Lanes here.

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