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White Gzus f/ Tela – Lotus

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Produced by Mr. E

Good God almighty. White Gzus went and got Tela for their new single, “Lotus.” Clap for them. Only Gzus and Blanco would have the piece of mind (get it?) to head down to Memphis to bring back the one and only P.I.M.P.S.I.S.I. for a 2015 feature.

Today, the duo also announce that they’re working on their third installment of their Stackin N Mackin series (which I would’ve no doubt included on this list had I known), and “Lotus” is the official first single.

But seriously, this record is great, and props to these fellas for bringing back one of the most underrated Southern rappers ever. Now they just gotta bring him up here for a concert. Go explore all of their respective catalogs on this fine spring day.


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