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Aeir Charles - Something New

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Aaron Charles Kimbrough was born in Little Rock Arkansas on August 23, 1991. He was raised in a single parent home for the early part of his childhood and resided in several different Little Rock projects. Aaron eventually moved to the country with his grandparents at the age of nine where he would develop various important life skills. While living the country life, he began to explore music as a hobby. Influenced by Tupac, Aaron began to freestyle in the 5th grade with a group of friends during recess. He eventually began to write lyrics about daily events mixing in an imaginary life driving old school vehicles with candy paint. He began to respond to the nickname AC during this period.

Aaron had many nicknames but AC always stuck with him since grade school. AC eventually moved back to the city his sophomore year in high school. During his two year tenure at North Little Rock High, Aaron began to take his music skills seriously and recorded several mixtape songs. He eventually released the mixtape during his senior year which boosted him to instant star status amongst his peers and city. AC needed a marketable name that was relevant to his music and style. With a week of deliberation, Aeir Charles was born. Aeir Charles has been on the move ever since honing his sound and writing skills in an attempt to become one of hip hops leading musicians. During his quest a local label, Soul Breed Records LLC, signed the young mc due to his unique talent.

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facebook: aeircharles

instagram: aeircharles

soundcloud: aeircharles

Download Aeir Charles - Something New Clean

Download Aeir Charles - Something New Dirty

Download Aeir Charles - Something New Instrumental

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