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Ice Grill Ft. Chris Rivers - It Ain't The Same (Produced by DJ M-80)

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A veteran of the battle rap arena and among the most respected lyricists in his Upstate NY region, Ice Grill is poised to take his career to the next level; a career that began in Jr. high lunchrooms in the early 1990s. No stranger to adversity, you can hear the passion and hunger in every bar, a reflection on the hardships he has faced from being shot while still an adolescent and serving a 5-yr sentence for a gun possession charge.

That prison bid set off a 5-year hiatus from making music for Ice Grill, who made his first recordings at the legendary World Dignity recording studios in his hometown of Rochester, NY. Not long after that initial introduction to studio recording, Ice Grill found himself on stage with the Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon, and was even saluted on stage by him, a show of respect for the lyrical content and precise wordplay the young MC displayed.

Ice Grill's resume is both extensive and impressive, having been a member of the Rochester chapter of Element 5, and even given a deal by the infamous Death Row Records. Unfortunately for Ice Grill, the upcoming trial associated with the aforementioned sentence, prevented him from accepting.

Known as one of the all-time top lyricists from his hometown of Rochester, NY, Ice Grill is cut from the cloth of Golden Era NY MCs. His accolades in the battle arena include five consecutive Ultimate Breakdown victories, a Hip Hop Fest title and in 2003 he won the Zulu Anniversary in Harlem New York. It was then Ice Grill gained a new appreciation for the craft and recalls the inspiration he felt upon meeting hip-hop legends Kool Herc, GrandMaster Flash, Crazy Legs and Afrika Bambaataa's son.

In recent years, Ice Grill , a tireless writer and performer, has been running a marathon to get back in the public eye. He has released 3 projects in 3 years, and this year is releasing two more highly anticipated follow ups, to further solidify himself as a consistent producer and a legitimate star in the making.

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