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The Best Game Michael Jordan Ever Played In

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When the 1992 United States Men’s Olympic Basketball team was announced, it read like a top-10 list of some of the greatest players to ever play the game. Names like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, among others, were assembled to form arguably the greatest team in sports history. The team was practically a guaranteed gold medal, as the majority of international competition was nowhere near the level of “The Dream Team.”

So when The Dream Team swept through the Olympics and thoroughly handled most teams, it was no surprise. The team was meant to epitomize that America’s dominance on the world level was here to stay and they did.

However, the team did encounter a real challenge during their time in Barcelona…themselves. In what many consider, “The Greatest Game Nobody Ever Saw,” The Dream Team squared off in a ultra-competitive scrimmage that saw Michael Jordan captain one team opposite Magic Johnson, in a battle for basketball supremacy.

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