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Watch Tree’s ‘TrapGenius’ Documentary

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Directed by Aaron Perkins Jr.

If you’ve been following FSD and/or Tree’s career closely, then you know 2015 holds a new album from the production/rapping wiz, which he’s christened TrapGenius. And the rollout has begun with a trailer for the tape as well as the exciting leak for “Don’t Een Kare.” 

Today, however, we get his documentary for the project, aptly titled TrapGenius: The Documentary. Tree offers this short film up as a counter to Noisey’s Chiraq documentary that dropped last year. This is the Chi as Tree sees it, and it’s a v gritty piece.

“This documentary is my attempt at clarifying what a trap genius is. Not one who is in the action of trapping or a victim of the trapping but one who is proficient in the wisdom and understanding of the trap. One who can adapt to and penetrate any trap!! This is not my trap! I do not know these individuals! So my understanding of the environment in general allows me to maneuver in any trap or trap-like environment.”

Mass Appeal

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