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Bobby Shmurda’s gun charges have been dismissed

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“Tell my lawyer wipe that case away, I ain’t did nothing.” That’s a line from one of Bobby Shmurda’s songs, “Wipe The Case Away”.

As you probably know, Bobby Shmurda isn’t in a very good situation, to say the least. He’s been accused of many different charges, including gun charges, endangerment, and conspiracy. Well, his lawyer wiped away the gun charges. “Brooklyn D.A. Office announced that the gun case in Brooklyn will be dismissed in about two weeks,” said Howard Greenberg, Shmurda’s lawyer. That case alleged that Shmurda fired a gun into a crowd of people near a barbershop in Brooklyn

However, Bobby still faces second degree endangerment, conspiracy in the second degree, 3 more counts of conspiracy in the third degree, and one count of narcotics possession. If he is convicted on conspiracy charges, he could face up to 25 years in prison. The charges have come from the NYPD, namely a task force in Brooklyn.

Bobby Shmurda is scheduled to appear in court on January 29th.

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