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Video: Lupe Talks T&Y, Free Agency & More w/ DJ MoonDawg

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Lu was on 107.5 WGCI last night with DJ MoonDawg, where he opened up about a plethora of topics including his new album Tetsuo & Youth (obviously), but interestingly enough, Moon and Lupe discuss the next phase of Lupe’s career. T&Y was Lupe’s last commitment to Atlantic Records and is now a free agent within the industry, so he’s weighing his options for next steps (for the third phase of his career as he calls it). He also talks about working with local artists such as Rondo, Fredo and Lil Durk. There’s some interesting things in the works there.

So it will be dope to see where Lu goes from here. But let’s not get too caught up on that, let’s just celebrate the dope new album for now.

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