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Oops! 9 Celebrities Who've Accidentally Posted Nip Slips On Social Media

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Nicki Minaj nip slipNicki Minaj has posted a lot of risqué photos on social media in the past. So it's hard for her to shock us. But earlier this week, she did just that by Instagraming a photo of herself that featured her wearing nothing but a bra and… OMG! Was that a nip slip? Yes, yes, it was.

Fortunately for her (and you pervs out there), Nicki is not the first female celebrity to post a photo like that to Instagram, so she was able to move on quickly. Check out nine whoops moments on social media.

Photo Credit: Getty Images Kim K.The Celebrity: Kim Kardashian

When The Nip Slip Occurred: June 2014

The Reaction: "How did Kim not notice that when she took a selfie?"

Kim has gone on the record and said that it sometimes takes her dozens of tries to capture the perfect selfie. So how did she take this one and not notice what everyone else did? Or maybe she did and…well, yeah. Hmmm…

Photo Credit: Instagram Lady GagaThe Celebrity: Lady Gaga

When The Nip Slip Occurred: July 2014

The Reaction: "Of course she would think this was appropriate."

This doesn't look like it was an "accident" at all. But really, would you expect anything less from Gaga? We're surprised it took her this long to take a photo like this.

Photo Credit: Instagram Teyana TaylorThe Celebrity: Teyana Taylor

When The Nip Slip Occurred: September 2013

The Reaction: "How many nip slips is this girl gonna have?!"

Go and Google "teyana taylor nip slip" and you'll see what we mean. Why are there so many of them out there?

Photo Credit: Instagram Selena GomezThe Celebrity: Selena Gomez

When The Nip Slip Occurred: July 2014

The Reaction: "That black and white filter isn't fooling anybody."

Friends are good for a lot of things. Telling you when you may have just experienced a nip slip is one of those things.

Photo Credit: Instagram Danica PatrickThe Celebrity: Danica Patrick

When The Nip Slip Occurred: February 2014

The Reaction: "Why is Sports Illustrated posting this?"

In fairness to Danica, she didn't post this, SI did for a Twitter #ThrowbackThursday.

Photo Credit: Instagram Kris JennerThe Celebrity: Kris Jenner

When The Nip Slip Occurred: October 2012

The Reaction: "Happy Hallo…WHAT?!"

It's one thing for her daughter Kim Kardashian to have a nip slip. But for her to have one? No. She shouldn't have even put herself in this position.

Photo Credit: Instagram Jennifer WilliamsThe Celebrity: Jennifer Williams

When The Nip Slip Occurred: September 2013

The Reaction: "She doesn't realize that that top is see-through, does she?"

Apparently, she didn't. But she found out just how see-through it was when this photo went up.

Photo Credit: Instagram Miley CyrusThe Celebrity: Miley Cyrus

When The Nip Slip Occurred: May 2014

The Reaction: "TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!"

Miley was letting loose by listening to some Lil' Jon when she took a video of her and a friend dancing. Unfortunately, one of her other friends slipped out and joined the party, too.

Photo Credit: Instagram Nicki MinajThe Celebrity: Nicki Minaj

When The Nip Slip Occurred: September 2014

The Reaction To It: "Welcome to the club!"

Who's going to suffer a nip slip next?

Photo Credit: Instagram

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