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Juice Raising Funds To Release New Album, Fight Legal Case

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After a near-fatal car accident a few years ago that set Juice’s career back dramatically, the emcee fell on more hard times after losing his father to cancer. Making things worse, he and his wife were arrested in Nebraska and are now facing 10 years in prison for a crime they allegedly did not commit.

In order to help pay for his legal fees, Juice is raising funds to drop a new album. You can donate now to help fund the album, buy tees, see him live, grab his anthology and a number of other options. We urge you to check out the site now and donate as you see fit.

Below we have a first-hand account of Juice’s recent legal troubles and what went down in Nebraska. It’s unfortunate that we have to get a new Juice album in this capacity, but sometimes hardship bring about the best art. Don’t forget to check out his official site. 

This campaign was not created to buy clothes, jewelry or a fancy vacation. Instead, every dollar raised will go directly toward a legal defense fund to be used to fight the charges brought forth by the district attorney in Nebraska.

While driving from Chicago to California, I encountered a huge injustice happening every day on the roads of America.

Shortly after crossing into the state, my longtime partner Belle and I noticed 3 sheriff cars sitting in the middle of the freeway facing our direction. As soon as we passed, one vehicle came out behind us and followed closely for 2 – 3 miles. We decided at that point to move to the right lane to give him space to pass.

Instead, the officer also got in the right lane behind us and pulled us over. Two additional officers and a K-9 came and searched the vehicle. They seized our inheritance and settlement money and put us in jail.

Now Belle and I are both facing 10 years in prison just for having cash. It costs money to win cases, so we are reaching out. Belle and I were each charged, so we both need to retain separate lawyers. We will also need to hire experts to testify about the K-9 search. The irony of it all is that it will take more money to exonerate us than was actually seized. But at this point, our freedom is the main issue; not the money we lost.

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