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Shawnna Addresses Being Blocked From Attending BET Awards, Issues w/ DTP

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Shawnna made waves earlier this week when it was reported that the Chicago emcee was denied access to last weekend’s BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta. But it’s way deeper than that. After the news broke about the blocking, Shawnna fired back claiming it was her old label, Disturbing The Peace, who stopped her from attending and walking the red carpet.

Shawnna accused DTP head Chaka Zulu of being behind the ban, and went online to clear her name. Yesterday, however, sources told AllHipHop that Shawnna’s barring had nothing to do with DTP or Chaka Zulu. So in response, Shawnna sat down with AllHipHop to explain what happened, why they denied her access, and the behind the scenes beef that’s been bubbling with DTP for years.

It’s crazy. We put a lot of money and effort into getting down to Atlanta for BET Hip Hop Awards weekend, so we could promote my new single “Gettin’ To It.” It’s getting a lot of buzz here at home in Chicago, but it takes more than that to break a record. So we were all set up, ready to go down there, mingle with DJs, and get a good look on the red carpet.

I actually didn’t even know they were considering me for the cypher. We were right outside of Atlanta, and they contacted my manager and said, “We might have another slot in the cypher, and we’re considering Shawnna.” So we hit the metal a little harder [laughs].

When we get there, my manager says, “Shawnna I need to talk to you. Our PR person just got word from BET that you have been denied access to the red carpet and the BET Hip Hop Awards.” At that moment, my whole world stopped. It had been a minute since I had been this excited about getting back on the scene and letting everybody know I’m ready. I was embarrassed, hurt, angry, all in one. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back….

…After four years of me being cordial, me not saying anything, they want to take the position to still try to keep their foot on my neck. What could I have done – me independently with my own cash – walking the red carpet? I know what I could have done if I got in that cypher. Don’t get it twisted. But me just trying to network and letting the people know I’m back working, how could that have hurt them in any way? I don’t understand it, and I’m sick of it. Nobody’s over there. I left. Everybody else left. It ain’t rocket science.

I haven’t signed any deals. I haven’t done anything in the industry since then. If they think that I’m still going to allow them to have publishing on me after I broke away from that company, they got s**t f**ked up. They’ve awaken a sleeping giant.

Read the full interview here

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