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Yo what's up it's RED. I got something for you. I like the track a lot. Check this out. I sent this out to all the artist i know or know of. I'm doing some work for this company that help the artist save mad money. Actually it does everything for you. Check it out... also shot me an email or send me your email. vjredred@gmail.com this is wahat I sent out to all the artist in my data base...


What's up my name is Lawrence "Red' McIntosh. I would really like to work with you and any artist in your network. I represent a number of artists, producers, writers and entertainment based companies. I'm working on a marketing tool that needs to be talked about. I would like to talk to you and your network of people about this great opportunity.

Pretty much it's boils down to this. The company that I represent will buy all the artist product i.e cd, posters, t-shirts ect at no cost to the artist, dj, producer whomever. All the artist has to do is promote the website. Drive people to the site, get people talking about it and get them to buy your product on this website. It's better then any other online store out their. It's killing CD baby and it's new. They also will beat any price out there for bulk orders on cds. It has to be over 2500 though.

If your interested email me back so I can feel you in on any information you might need. I really need to get this out there and it can really give the game a boos. It's help that the indy artist/dj/label needs and it gives you guys a chance to save money and make money with out going into debt while doing so. I'll send you a link. Please click on the link above and or below. Thank you for your time and consideration. I would love to interview with you and talk about this topic on any station, magazine, blog, dvd whatever... Hit me up asap. Love is life. I know what you thinking, sounds to good to be true. It's not...


Lawrence "Red" McIntosh



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follow ya boy twiiter.com/djmobstar also hit up my myspace page 4 new mixtapes

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