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Kurupt Says Lil Wayne Is One Of His Favorite Rappers, Calls Him “Great”

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Kurupt Says Lil Wayne Is One Of His Favorite Rappers, Calls Him Great

Cypress Hill rapper B-Real recently caught up with Kurupt for an interview on his The Smoke Box series. During this interview, Kurupt discussed his favorite rappers in hip-hop right now and praised Lil Wayne. You can read what Kurupt said about Tune below:

“I like Lil Wayne, cuz. And you know why I like cuz? Because it don’t matter what they talking about. He’s being his self. And musically, the boy is great. So, we can get to his personal… but that’s irrelevant to the music. He knows what the fuck he’s doing, cuz. He was a youngster doing it when everybody from Cash Money was flying. Juvenile and everybody… B.G., my nigga. And he was just watching. He got his little pieces in, he did his thing. And then he got the reins to make that horse run, the boy did what? He killed ‘em, cuz… lyrically too. He shaped a part of hip-hop.”

Kurupt and Weezy F Baby have previously collaborated on “Lock And Load” off Tha Carter II and “Cali Dro” off Like Father, Like Son, but would you like to see another collaboration from them both?

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