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5 Reasons You Should Listen To World’s Fair Right Now

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The Queens collective is set to blow up in 2014 Queens is crowning the next generation of rap royalty, but this rap group probably won’t even get dressed up for the event. World's Fair picked up the mic as a group of schoolboys and pushed and recently shoved their way onto the stage. The Fool's Gold-signed crew preaches real values but still bounces up and down while they perform and fights over who gets to take the first verse to maintain that rowdy playground attitude. If you missed WF's debut album, Bastards Of The Party, here are five reasons you need to give this bubbling squad from NYC's biggest boro a shot. —Talia E. Kuhel World's Fair is representing Queens to the fullest

Their Queens Pride

Queens is World’s Fair’s hometown and they couldn’t be prouder. The group exemplifies so much of Queens' attitude by representing different parts of the world, talking real issues and working hard without forgetting how to have fun. That down to earth flavor makes them a group for the everyman's (and -lady's) taste.


— World's Fair (@THEWORLDSFAIR)

February 2, 2014

Don't be late on World's Fair!

They Have A Sense Of Humor

“Product of the public schools. Keeping them pissed like public pools”

Here's a recommendation. Listen to their lyrics and try not to smile.

Doesn't work, does it? Every verse is sprinkled with clever rhymes huddled around soul samples. They take rap and real issues seriously, but there’s no doubt that these guys like to have a good time.

World's Fair has top 5 locks in the rap game

If You Appreciate Beautiful Hair...

Luscious, flowing, long and strong. No, it’s not a Shampoo commercial; that’s the World’s Fair’s unique style that’s keeping barbers out of business. If you don’t want long hair now, hold the clippers because the second you lay eyes on these guy’s hairdos you’ll change your mind.

World's Fair brings feel-good, conscious rap

They Keep It Conscious

World’s Fair must be inspired by some type of conscious rap because their lyrics flip from party anthems to the free flow of poetic frustrations, love and smart quips backed with soulful samples. See World's Fair at SXSW

You Need A Mint Party Anthem

The beauty of the World’s Fair is that they’re just a group of friends trying to chill. They like dive bars and relaxing with their crew, which is probably how they learned to flow as a group. So if you’re looking to nod to a relaxed party anthem the likes of a relevant 90’s rap revival, then you probably need to listen to World’s Fair, like, right now.

Check out World's Fair at VIBE x Vans's Coast to Coast showcase at SXSW on Saturday, March 15. Details here.

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