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Bow WoW Rumored to be Fired From 106 & Park

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Bow wow fans nearly caught a heart attack when rumors circulated from the website CreamBMP Daily. The rumor was that the rapper had been fired from BET’s 106 & Park for using his company card to pay his child support. Luckily Bow wow (whose name is Shad Gregory Moss) fired back to the site’s claim with two very direct tweets—one denying the rumor and another proving his case by taking an up to date picture of him in 106 & Park Studio. The rapper went as far as posting a video on Instagram fake crying about the rumor.




CreamBMP.com is a site written by comedian CREAM.  The is filled with fake news stories, parodies of current urban news and culture for laugh like The Onion, but even less funny. The site even has a disclaimer in their “ABOUT” section. I guess the reader missed that memo of the disclaimer.





So obviously Bow wow never “charged over $30,000 in child support to a company card he was issued for wardrobe and travel. Bow Wow fans can sleep easy knowing he’s still employed.

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