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Ricco Barrino - Drift

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Ricco Barrino is from High Point, NC. With a very humble and determined mindset, Ricco learned to make every move count. A true star, his music has the ability to get everyone moving and shaking. With influences from Al Green, The Barrino Brother’s, Marvin Gaye, and Tina Turner, Ricco is able to create music that offers a different vibe yet carry a similar flavor to legendary artists. 

Barrino released his first single, “Bubble Gum,” in 2007 which lead him ultimately to get a deal under Grand Hustle Records. Due to changes within the label Ricco’s contract expired, which lead him on a journey of being a independent artist. Five years later, Barrino came back full force and released the mixtape “Twenty 12 Play” hosted by North Carolina native DJ E-Sudd. A mixtape that Barrino takes pride in as it was his 1st project that he could fully express his thoughts to females and be free. Following the success of that Barrino is dominating the industry with his fresh new style, and latest project, “Music Evolution,” which was hosted by DJ Chuck, produced by Gino Valentino, Keith Mack, Gav Beats, and others, and released earlier this year on ITunes. His first single “Followers,” is a melodic ode dedicated to those who form crushes through social media. His follow-up “Drift” is a fast tempo track, rhythmic in sound with a catchy hook telling all ladies to “make *** drift”. Both are rapidly climbing the charts, and taking over ITunes one listener at a time. 

When Barrino is not working on his own projects, he can be found making appearances on the tracks of high profile artist such as T.I’s “Porn Star,” B.O.B’s, “ 5th Dimension, and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s “ Gone,” or writing for his sister Fantasia, Missy Elliot, Trey Songz, Day 26, R Kelly and Angie Stone amongst many more.  He also co-wrote the closing song of Lee Daniels’ “The Butler”, “In The Middle of the Night” with Fantasia, Keith Mack, & Gino Valentino. A record he holds dear to his heart, due to it being placed on a movie that is not only impactful but inspirational as well.

Barrino’s uniqueness is what differentiates him from other artist, and gives him that star quality. His versatility and smooth demeanor is one that cannot be missed. He has a presence about him that touches the soul, but most importantly, he has the ability to produce music that will build a connection with his fans.

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