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6 Reasons You Shouldn't Sleep On Kid Ink’s 'My Own Lane' Album

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Kid Ink
Kid Ink burst onto the hip-hop landscape in 2012 with his feel-good love rap “Time Of Your Life.” Having a ubiquitous radio song can be a double-edged sword and Kid Ink’s goal in many ways with his debut album, My Own Lane, is to carve his niche in hip-hop, beyond one-hit.

My Own Lane showcases the 27-year-old Los Angeles rapper’s dexterity: He can certainly give us catchy songs like his current hit “Show Me” featuring Chris Brown, but his repertoire expands into rapping and singing, too.

Here are six reasons you shouldn’t sleep on My Own Lane, out now. —Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Kid Ink's
Reason #1: You Loved “Time Of Your Life”

2012’s “Time Of Your Life” was a true awakener for Kid Ink. The ode to that special lady and living the good life quickly perked up ears to the neophyte. There was a time when the song seemed to be played every hour on the hour on L.A. radio. Ink uses that same melodic blending of rap and singing throughout My Own Lane. He’s a confident rapper but does so in a way that palatable to rap and non-rap heads alike.

MGK and Elle Varner are featured on My Own Lane
Reason #2: There are Interesting Features

Kid Ink takes some risks when it comes to selecting features on this album. From Pusha T on the naughty girl banger “Murda” to Machine Gun Kelly and Elle Varner, who really flexes her vocal power on “No Miracles,” it’s nice to hear an album that doesn’t have the same guest collaborators everyone else is using.

Kid Ink and DJ Mustard are the perfect combo
Reason #3: Mustard on the Beat…

DJ Mustard’s beats were made for Kid Ink. The buzzy producer blesses several tracks including “Rollin’” and “Main Chick” with his splat of percussion and claps. When you hear “Mustard on the beat, ho,” you know you’re getting deliciousness.

Kid Ink supports fellow new artists
Reason #4: Kid Ink Gives New Artists Shine

Despite being a newcomer himself, Kid Ink features relative new voices like August Alsina, King Los and Maejor Ali on My Own Lane, a pretty cool move that may help introduce listeners to these names. For those that don’t know, Kendrick Lamar lauded King Los as having the best “Control” response, so get familiar.

Kid Ink and Chris Brown have a hit in
Reason #5: “Show Me” (feat. Chris Brown) is a Hit

The Breezy-featured single “Show Me” is inarguably a hit, with Chris' sexual come-ons and an echoing beat by DJ Mustard. If people check out My Own Lane because of this track, that’s fine.

can’t be wrong. (Also: Are Ink and CB long lost brothers? Wild-striking resemblance.)
Kid Ink's music is simply fun
Reason #6: Fun Music is…Fun

So many rappers are full of braggadocio and chest beating that it’s refreshing sometimes to just hear plain, fun music. Ink’s “We Just Came to Party,” a collaboration with August Alsina, is a summation of his attitude. Overall, this album is light, with plenty of upbeat songs to turn up to at your next party (or just by yourself in your bedroom). No judgment here.

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