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Kanye West lawyers threatens to block Coinye currency

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So the lawyers for Kanye West have finally filed a cease and desist document in order to stop creation of the virtual currency Coinye West. Coinye West currency website is scheduled to launch on Jan. 11 2014, according to creators "Coinye West is to make it easier for people to use cryptocurrency.”


Ok understanding Bitcoin and Dogecoin (simailar to Coinye), they are cryptocurrencies that are basically decentralized financial systems with their own invented currencies. They are becoming popular because they’re anonymous and its person to peer no middle man.


The currency website, is modeled after Kanye West and has a cartoon of his image on its website. Of course Kanye West lawyers had to be on this because, we would agree this is trademark infringement and copyright violation.


Kanye West laywer responded:

Brad Rose, Partner at the Pryor Cashman Law Firm


The COINYE WEST mark is substantially similar to the KANYE WEST mark in sight, sound, meaning and commercial impression, ranging entrepreneurial accomplishments, consumers are likely to mistakenly believe that Mr. West is the source of your services or is, at the very least, affiliated with, or has sponsored or endorsed the cryptocurrency".

Kanye West and his lawyers wants the Coinye West creators to abandon all efforts, and shut down the website and social media accounts associated with Coinye West . If they don’t, he threatens to “pursue all legal remedies against any business that accepts the purported COINYE WEST currency.”


One problem Kanye West and his lawyer has is that the creators still remain anonymous, and they have hidden themselves behind VPNs, privacy services, and other anonymizing tools. They simply served it to “coinyewest@gmail.com.”


CoinyeWest reps explained that they did take into account some of the changes requested in the letter, such as altering the logo image, removing a Kanye West video from the site, and dropping the “West” part of the name. They also responded by saying:


“Now (Kanye West) wants to crush us and/or take our idea. And we’ve decided to stand up to the system and fight for the people. Once this is released into the wild it can’t be stopped, it’s decentralized. That (cease-and-desist) letter says if we don’t comply, they will get a restraining order against us to stay away from Kanye. LOL. Like isn’t he some big fuckin’ gangster. Restraining order against COINYE WEST is all they have for an identity.”


This is really getting interesting, theres always something with Kanye.


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