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Christian Louboutin Spike Shoes Spikes Up The Trend

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LADIES WHATS UP !!!christianlouboutin-ladypeepsling_1The colorful Lady Peep Sling Spikes is the perfect combination of naughty and nice with its sunny shade sporting spikes all over it. Officially the shade is dubbed Primevere. Standing tall on a 6 inch heel, the platform of this sling back sandal rises up to almost 2 inch to render a comfortable height. Made from poisson/patent leather, it is up for $1,595.

christianlouboutin-ladypeepsling-goldTouched by King Midas, the golden Lady Peep Sling Spikes is a sultry little lady with attitude to boot. Clad in dazzling gold leather this glamorous peep sling loubi is an online boutique exclusive. Tagged at $1,395, it also stands out with a six inch heel complemented with a 2 inch platform.

christianlouboutin-pigallespikesOne of the most sought after from Loubi world, Pigalle Spikes, is back once more. This season, this loubi is clad in intoxicating, beige specchio leather. Though it appears tough with all the spikes, this perfectly pointed, rocker-chic design is extremely delicate. Shaped out of beige leather, the new red soled Pigalle Spikes sports a comfortable 4.7 inch heel. It is up for $1,295.

christianlouboutin-snakiltaWhat do you call a boot that is all spiked to warn all the fashionistas on the street? Christian Louboutin dares to call it Snakilta! The all-red booty gracefully stands up on a 4.7 inch heel and oozes some serious attitude. Shaped up in Corazon hued leather, it rocks for $1,975.

christianlouboutin-pigalle_flatOnly the French footwear designer can add bold and edgy spikes to flat footwear and make it elegantly stand out in the world of stylish footwear. Pigalle Spikes Flat lies low on the floor but rises high on fashion with its beautiful pointed spikes. Step in them for just $1,095 and wear them for a long day out.

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