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Rick Ross Ex- Girlfriend Sued 50 Cent for Editing Himself in Sex Tape!

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50 Cent edited himself into Rick Ross Ex- girlfriend Latonsia Leviston and her new boyfriend, Maurice Murray sex tape. 50 cent added in footage of him dressed as a character called “Pimpin Curly” as a directory commentary followed by the explicit sex tape. 50 cent then uploaded the film on www.thisis50.com. This film got over 3 million views on the website.

Lastonia is now suing 50 cent for emotional distress due to the release of the film. 50cent has attempted to have the lawsuit thrown out of the court but failed. In the sex tape 50 cent called Lastonia a “Call Girl” and he was her pimp.

The sextape was made during the ongoing beef 50 cent had with Rick Ross in 2009. it seems like Lastonia is taking tips from Rick Ross with suing 50 cent. Rick Ross is no stranger to the courts with his recent case won recent lawsuit against former drug Kingpin Freeway Rickey Ross. Also suing LMFAO for copyright infringement on “Party Rock Anthem”.

Well it seems like Lastonia may have a strong case against 50 cent since he edited himself into her sextape and then published it for all to see. 50 cent cant deny the evidence that is all over the web with himself edited into the film. We will soon know the outcome of this lawsuit and what retaliation it will bring. Most likely beef between Rick Ross and 50 cent will arise.

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