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Are YYYOOOOUUUUU the father…….

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Another rapper caught in the paternity war, 23 year old Atlanta Rapper DeAndre Cortez Way also known as Soulja Boy Tell em’ could possibly be the father of a 5 year old. According to legal documents TMZ have obtained:

“Soulja Boy has a spitting image … so claims a woman who says he knocked her up 6 years ago.

Diamond Shantaniece MacKay claims in legal docs — obtained by TMZ — there was only one other guy she slept with during the critical time period … he was of mixed race and her kid isn’t.

Diamond says her 5-year-old Portlon resembles Soulja, the rapper has visited the boy and there are witnesses who can vouch for the relationship.

Diamond says she hasn’t kept it secret … she’s even told the welfare office Soulja’s the daddy.

She wants a DNA test and, we’re guessing, lots of child support.”

I am sure everyone’s question to Diamond is, why make an uproar about it now if it wasn’t a secret. Apparently Soulja Boy has been laying low for the past year.

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