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Kendrick Lamar’s Ultimate High

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Who says being a nerd doesn’t pay off. GQ Magazine has now dubbed Kendrick Lamar the “Rap Nerd”. Ever since Kendrick Lamar first stepped on to the rap scene in 2003, his new school fashion sense and his old school attention to thought provoking lyrics, the name is actually a compliment in today’s hook driven game of Hip Hop. With his vivid and descriptive lyrics Kendrick has definitely brought the thought process back to hip hop in the same way as Hip Hop fore fathers like KRS One and Nas.

Since gaining the ear of the rap world Kendrick is also making noise in the genres of POP and R&B with features including Emeli Sande and Robin Thicke . Not only has he opened the eyes of the Universal Rap World Kendrick has now claimed the throne as one the “Men of The Year” on GQ Magazine.

After going platinum on his Good Kid, m.A.A.d city Album this Summer selling 241,000 copies in its first week, in August Kendrick shows his ass on Big Sean’s song “Control” which didn’t make the cut on the record. Calling out every single young rapper: Drake; A$AP Rocky; J Cole; Tyler, The Creator and even called out Big Sean himself on his own song.

Once “Control” was leaked out on YouTube on August 12th 2013, it became the biggest story in music. Most recently Kayne West announces that he is touring on his own for the first time in five years, and guess who will be his opening act. None other than the “Rap Nerd” himself Kendrick Lamar. With all his hard work and receiving such great accolades among his peers, Kendrick Lamar has been nominated for 7 Grammys. That’s right count ‘em 7 Grammys, including Best New Artist, Album of the Year and Best Rap Song. When asked back in October What it would mean to him to be nominated for a Grammy, Kendrick’s reply was:

“Accomplishment… High Accomplishment, high, high. I can’t express it anymore. You work so hard and I’ve been doing music since I was 16, writing since I was 13, in the studio professionally since I was 16 though.”

I am sure Kendrick is at an ultimate high right now snatching 7 nominations. Accepted in Fashion and in Flowing, things are definitely looking up for nerds everywhere.

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