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Masterfully Crafted Accessories Inspired By Vintage Jewellery: Gold Layla Headphones

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Unlike other headphones, that don’t put value on design, Gold Layla Headphones represent the ultimate expression of valuable, intricate design. They were built together with skilful jewelersTo obtain such a sleek look, the designers rethought the entire process of fabrication: from the way the sound was created to the way the leather was stitched. After all, if you want to innovate and launch a different product, you have to have a different vision.

Perfect in every detail, the headset features a smooth textile chord with controls for phone, volume and music. ”Challenge the conventions of masculine design with these chic soft white leather, hand-carved yellow gold headphones, to give your mp3 a shot of feminine style.” The masterfully crafted accessory is compatible with iPhones, iPods, laptops and MP3 players. Price: $200

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