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Video: TMTHY TRTL f/ Chris Crack – Idi Amin

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Directed by Davy Greenberg

With newcomer TMTHY TRTL on the beat, fellow New Deal Crew member, Chris Crack, rings off this new one named after former Ugandan president Idi Amin. These are some wild boys.

Dope video, Davy. Love the old school, handy cam, aesthetics of it.

The New Deal Cult’s (a.k.a. New Deal Crew) numbers are rising and their stock is growing. Of the new additions to the syndicate of talented artists TMTHY TRTL has proven to be one of the brightest stars. With his roots as drummer for the punk rock band Article, it may be hard to believe but he multi-talented producer, percussionist, & musician has crafted the back drop to some of crew chief, rapper Chris Crack’s best tracks to date. When asked about his role within the band he stated AND I QUOTE: “I just wrote music, played drums, and did what the fuck I wanted to do”. TRTL clearly hasn’t veered away from this musical approach as his latest offering and first solo project as an official member of NDC, the experimental sound experience which is “You Are Not The Monster”, definitely follows his “do-what-the-fuck-I-want” model. YANTM takes listeners on a 22 minute journey through the mind of TMTHY TRTL, and I must say, the journey is worth the ride. This project cannot be classified into any specific genre and to attempt to place it in one would be a crime. Listeners from all walks of life will find music within the project that they can enjoy.

For the first & only single, “Idi Amin”, TRTL enlists his go-to-guy Chris Crack. “Idi Amin” is the ONLY track on the project which features an artist performing over his work. Shot on a vintage VHS camcorder the gritty, Davy Greenberg directed video captures the essence of the song perfectly.

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