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Justin Bieber Supports Chris Brown with ‘Free Breezy’ Graffiti

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Justin Bieber Graffiti

Justin Bieber is showing his support for his friend Chris Brown through his art. During his visit to Colombia, the teen sensation tagged “Free Breezy” on a wall in the Bogotá area, where street art is permitted.

He also tagged a marijuana leaf with the flag of Canada, and paid tribute to his dead hamster Pac by showing him throwing up the middle finger.

Bieber was surrounded by security and his friends during the hour-long tagging session.

But his appearance didn’t come without controversy. According to El Tiempo, Bogotá’s Secretary of Government said that what happened was an offense against the city. Taggers must ask permission from the district to paint the walls of Bogotá.

However, the Deputy Commander of the Metropolitan Police defended the singer’s appearance and called it an art show.

Justin Bieber Graffiti

Justin Bieber Graffiti

Justin Bieber Graffiti

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